All participants will be required to undertake a number of activities in advance and during the course.

In advance

Please complete a SWOT analysis of your current antimicrobial stewardship service within your hospital.  This should be completed using the Online SWOT Survey and completed at least 48 hours in advance of the course commencing.  The combined results of all submitted SWOT analyses will be considered during a session to be held on day one of the course.

During the course

1  Complete a pre course evaluation  – this will be provided on days one and three of the course.

2  Download Kahoot to your mobile device – this will enable you to participate in interactive sessions during the course.

3  Complete a short post course evaluation survey. This will take the form of a Head, Heart & Hands evaluation:

  • Head: What key things did you learn?
  • Heart: What did you think and feel about the course and your learnings?
  • Hands: What things will you now go back and do to improve antimicrobial stewardship?

We want to ensure you have felt supported and that this learning has a real impact.